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Health and Safety

Health and Safety
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Guiding Principles

This company manages all aspects of its activities so that we provide a high level of protection for the health and safety of employees and associates, customers and the public; and for the environment. We will demonstrate our commitment to sustainable development and continual improvement by adhering to the following principles.

We will have a health, safety and environmental (HS&E) policy which will reflect our commitment and be an integral part of our overall business policy.
Health & Safety

Employee Involvement
We recognise that the involvement and commitment of our employees and associates will be essential to the achievements of our objectives. We will adopt communication and training programmes aimed at achieving that involvement and commitment.

Experience Sharing
In addition to ensuring our health activities meet the relevant statutory obligations, we will share experience with our industry colleagues and seek to learn from and incorporate best practice into our own activities.

Legislators and Regulators
We will seek to work in co-operation with legislators and regulators.

Process Safety
We will assess and manage the risks associated with our process.

Product Stewardship
We will assess the risks associated with our products, and seek to ensure these risks are properly managed throughout the supply chain through stewardship programmes involving our customers, suppliers and distributors.

Resource Conservation
We will work to conserve resources and reduce waste in all our activities.

Stakeholder Engagement
We will monitor our HS&E performance and report progress to stakeholders; we will listen to the appropriate communities and engage them in dialogue about our activities and our products.

Management Systems
We will maintain documented management systems which are consistent with the principles of Responsible Care and will be subject to a formal verification procedure.

Past, Present and Future
Our Responsible Care management systems will address the impact of both current and past activities and polished tile

Hickson & Welch is committed to these Guiding Principles and to an annual review of our application of them.

Health & Safety
January 2015