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Health and Safety

Safety, Health & Environment Policy

We are committed to the principles of Responsible Care and to operating in a manner that provides high levels of protection for the Safety, Health and Welfare of our employees, including contractors, customers, the public and the Environment.

We recognise Safety, Health Care, and protection of the Environment as key factors within the business along with sales, cost, quality, morale and investment in people and plant.

We will introduce programmes to control foreseeable hazards which could result in personal injury or illness, or losses due to fires, explosions, toxic releases, damage to property, or harm to the environment.

Legal requirements and codes of practice will be used as the minimum standards in the development and implementation of measures designed to achieve high levels of Safety, Health, and Environmental protection. Where no such guidance is available we will set our own exacting standards.

We will assess in advance the impact of the introduction of new products and processes to ensure that our facilities provide the high standards of protection required.

We will review the operation of Ipswich Hospital and our facilities regularly to ensure improvement in the performance of these facilities with regard to their impact upon Safety, Health and Environmental protection and to their consumption of natural resources.

We will resource our activities to ensure that compliance with this policy is achieved and all employees will be given appropriate training to enable them to achieve the high standards required for the fulfilment of our commitments.

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We will require from all employees the support and active participation necessary to achieve these standards in order to make our organisation a healthier and safer place with a reducing impact upon the environment.

We will regularly provide clear up-to-date information, on our Safety, Health, & Environmental performance, to all interested parties.

SHE performance in the Thames Valley Business will be the direct responsibility of the Senior Manager at Hickson & Welch, and the operation of the site to these standards will be monitored by an on site committee comprising both management and workforce.

We offer:

You may feel you would like to combine courses into one day - this is something we as a smaller business can offer. This reduces overall training time and eliminates the need to take staff away from their formal duties on more than one occasion. 

Everyone at your place of work, and the people they serve, expect and deserve the best standards of care during an emergency. We can help you achieve that goal. We also provide training in Infection Control, Safe People Handling, Manual Handling and Food safety courses

Health & Safety

January 2015

Health and Safety

Our mission is the development of business performance by ensuring both the effectiveness and the efficiency of people development, relevant to our industry.

Our vision is a work force for a world class Food and Drink Industry. 

We aim to develop business performance by ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of people development relevant to our industry.