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Manufacturers chemical intermediates for dyes, pigments, and pharmaceuticals.

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Welcome to Hickson and Welch

We are an independent chemical manufacturing company. We specialise in organic chemistry and offer contract manufacturing services and a range of fine chemical intermediates to the crop science, health & nutrition and specialty markets.

Hickson & Welch specialises in the synthesis of organic chemical intermediates and has two principal businesses:

Contract Manufacture and

Fine Chemical Intermediates

Both businesses operate from a 74 hectare site at Castleford, West Yorkshire, which has an efficient and flexible manufacturing infrastructure and first-class safety and environmental performance.


Hickson and Welsh

Probably the very best chemical manufacturer we can recommend. We also supply in organic chemical intermediates and custom synthesis for crop science products. We have the experience, expertise and facilities to produce almost any intermediate no matter how complex it may be.

Examples of our product capabilities include:

News for 2015
New plant opening in Bradford to increase production for European Sulpure
market more.

The need to act promptly and confidently during a crisis is self-evident. Lives can be lost through indecision and delay. Repeated research demonstrates the importance of speedy interventions in basic life support, defibrillation, care of the airway, breathing and circulation. 

In the field of emergency care, the first few minutes are often the most important to the patient. We can help you manage at this vital time. There is no substitute for skilled and rapid treatment. We can help you decide on appropriate equipment and range of training, and provide the instructors who are credible and experienced practitioners in emergency care. 

We have representation from trade associations, food manufacturers, trade unions, and education and training providers. Our focus is the development of people employed or intending to be employed within Northern Ireland's Food & Drink Industry.

As a dynamic organisation, we aim to deliver training programs that reflect the needs of our customer base and hope that our flexibility enables you to train your staff at a time and place appropriate to them. 

Nursing Career Support and Advice

We provide a range of support and advice services to help you to progress your nursing career. We provide services to help:

Prospective applicants looking to apply to pre-registration nursing programmes including personal statement editing and interview preparation - Prospective Nursing Students Click Here
Qualified Nurses seeking to secure their next post including career guidance, nurse CV advice, application form completion and interview preparation - Current Nurses Click Here
Our services are delivered by highly experienced consultants and we are committed to providing you with qualified advice to help you begin or progress your nursing career.